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Complete History of Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake is basically an artificial lake introduced into lifestyles because of the Pawna dam (Pavana dam). Pawna dam is positioned at the Pawna river in Maval taluka, around 40 km from the borders of Pimpri Chinchwad city. Its potential is around 10 TMC. The production of the dam started out in 1963 and resulted in 1972, is 1,329 m (4,360 feet) lengthy and 42.37 m (139.0 feet) excessive, with a gross garage potential of 0.24 km (0.058 cu mi). The backwaters of the Pawna Dam shaped into a reservoir, and the Pawna Dam backwaters sooner or later got here to be referred to as Pawna Lake. Pawna Lake Camping is a combination of comfort and convenience for all the guests who are looking for the best camping experience, Adventures, and relaxation. If you are tired of spending weekends at home and want a different experience, all you have to do is join Pawna Lake Camping Pune to make your weekend full of joy, adventures, and pleasure.

Geography of Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake’s geographical area withinside the Western Ghats makes it a herbal warm spot for flowers and fauna. Pawna dam is operated with the aid of using Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. The important cause at the back of the development of the Pawna Dam is the hydroelectric electricity era and water supply. Pawna hydroelectric challenge and Multipurpose Project are constructed at the Pawna dam with an electricity era potential of 1250 MW.


Mumbai to Pawna lake :

– Via Dudhiware khind = 105 km

    Mumbai > Lonavala > Bhangarwadi > Dudhiware khind > Pawna lake.

– Via Kamshet = 122km

    Mumbai > Lonavala > Kamshet > Pawna lake.

Pune to Pawna lake :

-Via Kamshet = 65km

Pune > Pimpri Chinchwad > Kamshet > Pawna lake

-Via Paud road = 45km

Pune > Paud > Kolvan > Jovan > Thakursai > Pawna lake

Getting Here Pawna Lake’s proximity to the occurring vacation spot of Lonavala makes it effortlessly available from there. It is simply around 20 kilometers away from the Lonavala Railway Station. The simplest manner to tour could be to rent a taxi or a cab from Lonavala.

There is ideal avenue connectivity from Pune, Lonavala, and Mumbai to Pawna Lake. The close-by city of Kamshet, off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, additionally gives a whole lot of delivery centers to the lake that is best 35 kilometers away. The nearest railway line is in Lonavala, and the teach direction is quite scenic as you technique Lonavala.

Tourism At Pawna Lake

In latest years, regions surrounding Pawna Dam and Pawna Dam Reservoir have visible a speedy upward push in tourism because of the water body’s proximity to Lonavala hill station and forts consisting of Lohagad, Tikona, and Tung. Various tenting-web web page organizations had been beginning out around Pawna Dam Lake. Agro-tourism has additionally flourished. Pawna Lake draws site visitors, particularly from the 2 fundamental neighboring towns of Pune and Mumbai. Around 4,000 humans from those towns go to the lake each weekend.

Things To Do At Pawna Lake

1. Adventures At Dudhiware Waterfall

2. Camping at Pawna lake

3. Paragliding

4. Trek as much as the Lohagad or Visapur

5. Tikona Fort Trek

6. Kayaking at Pawna lake

1) Adventures At Dudhiware Waterfall

Dudhiware waterfall is a seasonal monsoon waterfall and is positioned at Dudhiware village, close to Lonavala. This 2-tier waterfall falls at the peak of approximately approx one hundred thirty-five ft from a rock structure. One can experience the splendor of Dudhiware waterfall and additionally the joys of water rappelling, zip-lining, valley crossing, etc. Its streams are energetic during the course of the height monsoon season. The best season for waterfall rappelling is in the course of the monsoon. At this time the streams and rivers run complete and all of the plateaus drain rainwater into the waterfall on the cliffs.

2) Camping at Pawna lake

Pawna lake is additionally referred to as Pawna Dam Reservoir. The reservoir is 25 km from Lonavala and is increasingly getting famous as a picnic and tenting site for site visitors from Pune and Mumbai. This is one in every of the fast weekend getaways and is taken into consideration as one of the nice tenting close to Pune and Mumbai. Camping is one such revel in which the soul receives rejuvenated and comfortable betwixt the excellent nature open in all seasons and for humans of all age groups. Camping in monsoons affords a super retreat. Sleeping under the celebs with a historical past rating of crickets and a faint breeze crams the tiredness out and fills it with new energy. Pawna lake tenting is simply well-known and draws a whole lot of company and younger crowds. Tents are located across the outer edge of the lake and one could experience food and pastime at the waterfront. The status quo will become energetic with stay music, bonfire, games, and barbeque dinner, turning the night into a super getaway.

3) Paragliding

at Pawna lake A have to visit a vacation spot for journey lovers, paragliding right here helps you to experience an excellent flight over Pawna Dam. Plus, looking the sundown on the horizon as you fly like a kite, is sincerely an exciting revelation. Paragliding facilitates you to interrupt the chains of gravity and open the gates to the skies. It’s now no longer pretty much paragliding, it’s the manner you examine life!

4) Trek as much as the Lohagad or Visapur

Lonavala or say Mawal is a treasure of stunning mountains and forts. Lohagad fort and Visapur fort also are positioned in Lonavala. Lohagad is one of the nice forts to go to in the course of any time of the year. Lohagad Fort is attached to Visapur fort which is likewise a great hiking region when you have the time to cowl each of the forts in a single day. Visapur Fort is bigger and at a better elevation than its dual fort Lohagad. These are very smooth treks or even a beginner trekker have to now no longer have any problems. At Lohagad, there are best steps, and much less quantity of hiking is needed at the same time as the trek to Visapur Fort is a deal with for the journey fanatic in everyone.

5) Tikona Fort Trek

Tikona is likewise referred to as Vitandgad is the dominant hill fort in Mawal. It is positioned close to Kamshet round 37.7 km from Lonavala. The 3500 feet excessive hill is pyramidal in form and the call Tikona means ‘Triangular’. The fort is a hiking vacation spot mentioned for big doors, the temple of ‘Trimbakeshwar Mahadev’, seven water tanks, and Satvahan caves. There is a temple withinside the cave that is the primary enchantment of the fort at the side of a water cistern. The access to the doorway of the fort is a chunk steep with curved stairs. One can get fascinating perspectives of the Pawna Dam and the forts at Visapur, Tung, and Lohagad. In short, the view from the fort is spectacular.

6) Kayaking at Pawna lake

Though kayaking has slowly received a reputation amongst the journey community, it’s miles nevertheless an interest that’s out of doors the mainstream in India. It stays as an alternative to an aggressive sport. Nevertheless, now kayaking is available at Pawna lake close to Lonavala. Everyone has to revel in kayaking at Pawna lake due to the fact it may be so peaceful, but you’re proper there in nature. However, taking on kayaking will have extra lengthy-time period advantages in your bodily and intellectual well-being than you realize.

Sightseeing Around Pawna Lake

Pawna Dam is one of the explored spots across the city. It’s a super getaway for a tranquil one-day outing. The lake offers clean water to the Pimpri Chinchwad area. People headed to the lake also can go to numerous forts like Tungi, Lohgad, Tikona, and plenty of temples withinside the vicinity. A synthetic lake, Pawna Dam has been placed approximately 15 km from Lonavala withinside the Sahyadri ranges. It’s nestled amidst greenery and hills supplying a wonderful view. Pawna Lake got here into life because the Pawna Dam changed into constructed withinside the area, which now in conjunction with being a supply of clean water, additionally serves as a number for travelers who come right here for soothing their minds, camping, and for picnics. Trekkers additionally regularly discover this area. Plenty of commercials are shot with this lake withinside the background. An island withinside the center of the water frame provides to its beauty. This vicinity is like an artist’s palette, supplying ample colors with blue waters, inexperienced vegetation, brown hills, and the open blue sky above.

Pawna Lake gives you all you’ve dreamt of in a vacation location – a relaxed setting, stunning landscapes with unmatchable sceneries, and the liberty to discover. From the historical ruins of forts to untouched pastures of lands, there may be a lot to see.

Lohagad Fort: One of the maximum scenic hill forts withinside the nation of Maharashtra overlooking Pawana Lake that’s placed to the south of the castle.

Visapur Fort: An extension of the Lohagad Fort at the Lohagad-Visapur fortification line, at the peak of 3,550 toes above sea degree. Tung Fort (Kathingad Fort): With an elevation of 3,527 toes, Tung Fort is one of the toughest forts to access. Reaching it from the Pawna Dam calls for a 400-meter steep climb.

Koraigad Fort: Extremely properly preserved and intact, this castle is as quiet as a picture. A must-go-to.

Tikona Fort: One of the oldest forts withinside the region, courting again to the seventh and eighth century A.D. This hill castle is pyramidal in form and gives fascinating perspectives of the reservoir and the alternative forts.

Best Time To Visit Pawna Lake

Due to nice weather in the course of the year, Pawna Lake stays an underrated preferred to be visited every time you need to. Most of Lonavala and surrounding regions are parched and plenty of water our bodies dry up in summer, however, this being a dam needed to water even in May.

Summers at Pawna lake are quick but vivaciously warm and humid. It reviews excessive humidity at some stage in the summers with a sizzling mercury upward push of forty levels Celsius and as a result, this season may also sense uncomfortable for travelers to go to the city. The summers at Pawna Lake begin from the month of March and expand until the stop of April. The nights, however, are snug and cool. The vicinity has tropical weather and gets sizable rainfall at some stage in the year.

The monsoon months are amazing because the pastures and meadows flip vibrant inexperienced, an ideal time to enjoy the eye-eye-catching presents of nature.

Winters welcome travelers who might be seeking out cool and high-quality holidays in Southern India. Winters are taken into consideration as a remarkable season to go to the city wherein the nights are cool and cold with a mercury drop of thirteen levels Celsius and a most upward push of 30 degrees Celsius.

Camping And Local Economy

Agro-tourism at Pawna Lake has progressed relationships among farmers and the community. A thriving, official agro-tourism vacation spot is commonly an asset to the community, in comparison to many traditional farms that could justly be visible as liabilities. Agritourism placed Pawna Lake on the map. This in flip makes it extraordinarily well-matched with a balanced definition of sustainable agriculture.

Agritourism has converted a farmer right into a price-maker in preference to a price-taker. This one gives a possibility to generate extra profits from a current land base. Agritourism has established very worthwhile to people with the know-how. This boosted profits now no longer best progressed the lives of the farmer’s own circle of relatives—it enabled a farmer to create new paying jobs for more than one own circle of relatives members, possibly which includes a few destiny farmers. But the monetary effect of agritourism is regularly taken into consideration good-sized however small.

Agriculture Around Pawna Lake

Pawna lake is a big water-keeping structure. During seasons of low rainfall or at some stage in summer, the saved water is used for agricultural purposes. Due to the big garage of water, it passes right all the way down to underground water streams and will increase the water degree. Subsequently, this extended water degree will increase the water content material in wells of close-by villages.

During the summer season, predominant plants grown around Pawna Lake are Wheat, Groundnut, Pulses, Bajri, and Jowar, and seasonal plants like tomato, cucumber, etc. While withinside the monsoon rice is grown in big quantities. Sugarcane is likewise a crop taken on a big scale.